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Step 1: What To Expect From Onboarding 

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insert intro video of me saying im excited to be working together, this is a 90 minute proccess and im sure you have plenty on your plate but this is by far the most efficient way for us to get you results saving you time, saving you money! other companies will take 3-4 hours of your time over the span of weeks to get all neccessary information from you for them to even begin working, and charge you a setup fee of 1,500+, whereas we are going to have you supply us with everything once to be respectful of your time, charge you 0$ additional for us to begin working together and so we can put our heads down and do the important work that it takes to get you results as immediately as possible! Please make sure you have 90 minutes set aside now to go through this full module, we are going to be here to walk you through everything that needs to be done step by step! no need to waste time lets get straight into it, click the take me to the next step button below and we'll get started.

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