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YOU DON'T HAVE 8 ARMS to handle every aspect of your business personally, which is why we're here!

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We Help Solar
Companies Grow
With Google and
Facebook Ads!

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Our Philosophy

At Optimal Media, we do not partake in formalities or inefficiencies that drive up cost and increase the time it takes to get the results desired that plague most agencies.


We also don't offer 100 services that don't move the needle, we offer google and facebook ads, for the local service industry exclusively. We are very good at what we do because of how focused our efforts have always been!

Own a solar company and looking to have an increase in sales/customers? Schedule your FREE discovery call below!

faceboook and google ads example
Optimal Media advertising

If you want a company
who is going to get the customers you want
to contact your home service business, No BS, No hidden fees, and Full Transparency with you being able to access and see everything we do for you and your business, luckily we're here to help!



Schedule Your FREE Audit Call Now

Ads, Just Ads. 

We do one thing better than anyone else.
If you want an agency that offers a full service solution of everything that won’t move
the needle forward, we’re not for you. 



We Average a 4-6x ROAS for our local service
businesses with higher ticket items(averaging $1,000)! 
google advertising results
google advertising results
google advertising results

In what situation where you had the opportunity to put a dollar into a machine, and get a 5 dollar bill back, would you choose not to use said machine?

This machine exists, and it's google, and facebook ads. Do it right and its a money machine for your business.

Accept here we could do it with 5, 10, 20, 100 thousand dollars a month,

Consistently! It's no dark magic, theres no secrets. It's just Google, and facebook ads, and we are very good at the particular way we do them!


Free 30-Minute Demo Call

By the end of this Audit call, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take for your business to start generating consistent and reliable results online with Paid Advertising.

Find a time on Cory's calendar to schedule your call and we look forward to speaking to you soon!


Solar Companies looking to increase current customers/revenue

Companies that have good reviews/reputability, and offer excellent customer service

Businesses who feel like their biggest challenge to growing is not having enough customers calling in/booking appointments. 

Owners looking to find a trustworthy Agency to consistently bring in business, without the hassle.

About Us

We own multiple successful home service companies while managing external marketing departments in similar markets. In other words, we know how to make your home service business succeed.


The first home service business was our own! We have founded multiple successful home service businesses. Every marketing company we trusted ended up over-promising and under-delivering. That’s when we decided to take the advertising into our own hands. After years of hard work refining our skills, we finally started getting the right number of customers at the right price, which allowed us to scale our business at the rate we always wanted. Eventually, we became silent owners of our home service companies, focusing the bulk of our efforts on marketing, while organically providing the service to other businesses whom we knew personally and needed help in that department. It was time to apply our experience and expertise to a business of its own.


Founding Optimal Media, we opened our doors for business – an advertising agency with deep home service business expertise. We deliver the best results at a profitable/scalable rate, using the same systems we utilize in our own businesses, to this day. We are in business to save you time and make you money

- We're damn good at Google and Facebook ads for home service businesses

- We use software to help prevent bot and competitor clicks

- 100% of ads stay within your accounts; you keep all the data 

To get started, let's ensure we can deliver the results you want in your specific market. In case we're not a fit, we will still give you as much advice as possible within your current strategy to increase the output of the existing system. We are eager to learn about your business – book a free consultation now!

Have A General Inquiry?

If you have a general inquiry and would like to speak to our team,
you can contact us via email at:

Schedule Your FREE Audit Call Now

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