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How Electricians can Scale EV Station Installation(residential) and increase profitability.

Updated: Mar 6

First, lets see if we are maximizing the resources you currently have. How are you getting leads? Is word of moth? Advertising? B2B referals?

For example, if its word of mouth, hav you made a referral program with an incentive strong enough for your customers to consistently take advantage of? If its advertising, have you tested recent copy variations to see if you can increase CTR(click through rate), or the overall Cost per lead? Have you tested your landing pages to see if you can increase the amount of customers taking action? If B2B referrals, are you continuing to develop your network and nurturing relationships? Creating new enticing offers for the nuts you haven't been able to crack? Pump Up Those KPI'S! (key performance indicators) For instance we implement a system into our portfolio of companies were partnered with that lowers their cost per lead by 18% on average, increases their booking rate by 22%, and its Amazing how big of a difference this alone makes in a business! This will 1.5X a businesses revenue, Instantly, without spending an additional dime on advertising! If you own an electrical company that offers EV station installation, and would like help becoming more profitable and scaling with advertising, book a call with us at, were happy to help! We do this buy implementing automated systems that reduce the time to contact inbound quote requests, follow up with unbooked leads, and send review requests after service is performed boosting Local SEO as well!

Newsletter/Nurturing Existing customers:

Once someone buys from you, what happens? Do you bank on them reaching out to you one day if they remember? Or do you take the proactive approach and send them helpful information, offers/deals they can take advantage off being an existing customer, or let them know about referral bonuses you can offer them if they refer another customer to you that uses your services?

Lets pretend everything here is as tidy as its going to get within reason, whats next?

Advertising: This is out realm of expertise, and what we do to scale our portfolio companies within their service region to far past where they were when we first started working together. Its no secret sauce, were just great advertisers. We use Google PPC, and facebook ads to bring a steady profitable stream of customers to our business. You can try to implement these yourself for your business personally, and plenty of people have done so successfully enough. That being said we advise hiring a professional especially if you have an advertising budget of over 5,000/month, otherwise you will end up paying more for less, just being a less efficient advertiser, than if you were to pay a professional who does what they do perfectly and pay their management, you will still likely get more for less. If you would like our help or have general questions on advertising, what we do for our portfolio companies etc, visit and were happy to help!

SEO: Don't expect any significant results within 6 months, this is a long term play that can be very valuable for your business, but not where we choose to focus our efforts for our portforlio companies, we like focusing on things that are going to move the needle now.

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