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Position we are hiring for:

        Optimal Media is looking to hire a media buyer for local service businesses with expertise in google ads, and ideally facebook ads as well. Must have experience running Google ads/Facebook ads and prove a high level of understanding/capability. Must be fluent in writing/reading/speaking in english. The position starts part time, and once we determine that you are indeed a good fit, and hold an expert level skill as a media buyer we will transition you to full time(which means no other jobs or projects). Must be willing to come on full time after the provisional period, and be available to work Monday-Friday within business hours(9-5) UTC-7/pacific time zone.

        The responsibilities of the position include: Running Google/Facebook ads for multiple clients in local service based businesses, daily communication via slack, weekly video communication calls with clients/the team to go over results/strategy moving forward. For obvious reasons reliable internet is an absolute must. We value open, honest, and timely communication. We are looking for someone honest, who takes responsibility, we can rely on, and gets their work done. We take care of our team and are exclusively looking to build long term work relationships, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Thanks for taking the time to submit! We will reach out via email, and if we think it might be a good fit we'll schedule an interview(zoom call)!

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